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Little Lambs Childminding Services
Little Lambs Childminding Services

As well as year round contracts, I also offer Term Time Only contracts.

I offer school holiday only contracts for those who need to make alternative arrangements outside term time.

I also offer ‘as and when’ childcare for busy parents who need occasional childcare to attend appointments or simply have a bit of ‘me time’.


Charges - Effective from 1st September 2018 / 2019.



  • Thee is no charges for when I am on holiday.


  • Free 30 hour places are currently offered.


  • Deposits and retainers are required.


  • £3.75 per child per hour for all children or £37.00 per day.  All meals are chargable at £1.00 per meal and snacks are free of charge.


  • Sibling discount applies: 50 pence discount from the eldest child. (This only applies to regular weekly minded children i.e. not emergency or one-offs).


  • Late Payment charges: Payment is due promptly on the 1st of each month, the invoices will be issued 1 week prior to the payment date, if the fees are not paid on the 1st of the month or voucher notification has not been received then 5% will be charged per day of the total bill. If  the outstanding fees are not paid within 7 days of the invoice date your child could potentially lose their place.


  • Children not in full time education but are attending other school activities e.g. pre-school or nursery will NOT be charged for the time they are at pre-school or nursery but are charged for the hours we care for them.


  • After school children will be charged from 3pm, for a minimum of 3 hours. If the place is booked you pay even if they don’t attend or if they go to after school clubs, rehearsals, parties, doc appts, grandparents etc. We have a waiting list for after school slots and if you book a place with us, on a weekly basis, you WILL be charged. 


  • Before school slots are booked and charged from the time of entry into the setting.


  • Places are charged to the nearest half hour. For example if you collect your child at 5.15pm you will be charged to 5.30pm. 


  • Children that have term-time contracts will be charged for the terms at the school they attend.


  • If your child is sick you will be charged for their booked hours. 


  • Holidays - deemed as a week off, need to be booked, by email, at least 7 days in advance.


  • We accept childcare vouchers. The term after your child’s third birthday, they are entitled to 30 hours paid, which can be used with myself, preschool or both. Some two year old children may also qualify from the scheme.





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