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Little Lambs Childminding Services
Little Lambs Childminding Services

Definition of Teaching Within Little Lambs.

Definition of the quality of teaching within the Little Lambs environment is that it includes interactions with children during planned and child initiated play and activities within the setting and outdoors.


It will take into account the equipment we provide and the attention to the physical environment as well as the structures and routines of the day that establish expectations.








Integral to teaching is how we assess what children know, understand and can do as well.


We take account of their interests and dispositions to learning and we use this information to plan children’s next steps in learning and monitoring of their progress.


We have a clear understanding of how children learn and provide rich, varied and imaginative experiences.











Our teaching aligns to the EYFS in which we have the knowledge and skills to interest children in the world about them.


We have as a priority the more formal educational endeavours by the means of playful context such as reading, writing and mathematics.

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