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Little Lambs Childminding Services
Little Lambs Childminding Services




I always have on hand phone numbers for the parents / guardians, children’s GP, my GP, NHS Helpline. At all times, I have access to my mobile phone.


I regularly attend paediatric first aid courses every three years  as this aligns to the Ofsted requirement. First aid supplies are available within the Little Lambs setting, car and on every outing.


I have carried out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment for my premises, a record of which is kept on file and is available for parents to view.


A fire blanket and fire extinguisher is available and located within the kitchen area. The setting is also equipped with three mains operated smoke alarms and all have battery backup. All smoke alarms are tested on a weekly basis. Children are shown the smoke alarms and what they sound like.


I regularly practice fire drills with the children and provide activities that encourages safety awareness, carefully planned so as to not to alarm or frighten the children.


In the unfortunate event of an emergency situation occurring I can contact nearby and local Ofsted registered Childminders.


In the unlikely event that I cannot contact a Childminder, your child will be left with Faye and Martin (who both are registered with Ofsted) or a trusted friend or relative for a short period of time and await for your collection.


An emergency situation (eg, accompanying a child in an ambulance) is the only situation that would lead to leaving your child with someone else without your prior consent (only in extreme circumstance).


At all other times minded children are within my or Rebecca’s vision and sound unless your child is attending pre-school or any other organised activity away from the setting or you have given written permission for your child to travel unsupervised e.g. from the bus stop to the Little Lambs setting.


I may be contacted by another Childminder in the unlikely event of an emergency. If this should happen then I will assist by providing care for their minded children for a short period of time until they can be collected.


I will provide, support, reassurance and comfort to all children. If this takes me over the numbers of children that my Ofsted registration allows then I shall notify Ofsted immediately with explanation and justification.


I will seek the assistance of  friends, neighbours if necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of having the extra children in my care however, such persons will not be left unattended with any child unless they are already registered as my assistant with regards to the appropriate permissions from Ofsted.


An extreme emergency situation is the only circumstance that would lead to me exceeding  the allowed child ratios, where this is the only means to ensure the safety and well-being of the children affected. At all other times, I abide strictly by the set child ratios specified by my Ofsted registration and my public liability insurance. 



Emergency Process.


In the event of an emergency I will gather all the children and safely make our way to the nearest exit. There are 3 access and egress points to the Little Lambs setting. These are as follows: Front entrance hall door, Play / activity room exit or rear patio door which all provides easy access to the street and rear garden.


The emergency musta point is directly at the rear of the setting on the detached garage driveway.


Once we are safely away from the setting I will call the Emergency Services.


In the event that we can't get safely out of the house I will take the children to the furthest away room from the emergency, close all doors and seal the door with towels or similar items, and I will then call the Emergency Services.


If we are unable to return to the setting I have agreed with a local childminder who is  registered with Ofsted that we can go to her nearby setting so I can contact all parents for them to collect their children.


I have  fire escape routes which will be kept clear at all times.


In order to keep the children and myself safe I have developed the following procedure to evacuate my home in the event of an emergency.


This may be as a result of a fire, flooding, gas leak etc.

The children will practice the evacuation procedure with me so they will not be alarmed in the event of the situation being real.


  • Sound the alarm.
  • Evacuate the children using the safest and nearest exit available (Babies and toddlers will be carried to safety).



  • Attendance register for the day.
  • Contact numbers (parents / carers).
  • Mobile phone.


Assemble across the road from the house (at the end of the garden if leaving via the rear of the setting).

  • Contact the emergency services.
  • Ensure that all children are present and accounted for (if a child is unaccounted for, I will immediately inform the emergency services without delay).
  • Comfort and reassure the children.
  • Arrange safe place for the children to stay until parents can collect them.
  • Follow the instructions of the Emergency Services.


We will not return to the setting / building until the Emergency Services have declared it safe to do so.

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