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Little Lambs Childminding Services
Little Lambs Childminding Services

Great Outdoors.

Children love a mission, they thrive when spotting plants, insects, birds and animals on our walks and thoroughly enjoy making a nature collection that adds  purpose to our outing. The children often make things that they've collected when we arrive back at the Little Lambs setting which is exciting for them to do.



Minibeasts are fascinating to children and are a great way for them to learn about nature and life-cycles. We go on bug hunts, where the children carefully lift up logs and rocks to see what’s underneath. we take clear plastic tubs and a magnifying glass with us so we can check out all those tiny legs in mind-bending detail.


The children have built their very own worm farm in the Little Lambs garden. They absolutely love having the wiggly critters slithering in their hands.


If there’s one thing you can guarantee will happen when children play outside, it’s that they’ll definitely get dirty. To be able to relax and really enjoy some outdoors fun, you just need to accept that this is going to happen from time to time.


We will inform you whenever outdoor activities have been planned and when we do then just send some old clothes and footwear with them (with a set of spares packed up for emergencies) , and as many waterproofs as is appropriate and then just let them get out there and let them get on with it.








Think of one of your own fond childhood memories....


Was it outside?  


Can you remember how you felt?














Being outside offers so many natural learning experiences so when used alongside our carefully planned indoor environments we are able to expand the volume of learning opportunities for each child.
















Being prepared by wrapping up in warms clothes and waterproofs allows us to provide the children with great outdoor learning experiences!



                                             .... and they just love it!
















For some children being outside is just more comfortable where there is more space and freedom to learn and explore in a more natural environment.


It is therefore so important that come wind, snow, rain or shine children have opportunities to be in the great outdoors if they wish to, for it is when children are interested, comfortable and engaged that they learn best.














Children gain so much from being in the great outdoors.


We strive to expand their opportunities through exploring all areas of the natural world within our locality.


A visit to the forest doesn't only need to be on a sunny summers day, but with the right clothing and footwear, we will explore the falling leaves in the autumn, the cripness of winter, the new tree buds and fresh floral smells of spring and the wildlife, sounds and the warmth of the summer months !











Opportunities for children to learn about and engage with the natural world do exist and with the Little Lambs collaborative approach then it is so much more accessible throughout.


It does not need to cost a lot of money and from my experience the benefits both to children and nature are definitely worth it.



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