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Little Lambs Childminding Services
Little Lambs Childminding Services

Little Lambs Procudures.

The Early Years Foundation Stage welfare requirements state that providers of childcare for children aged 0-5 in England should have clear procedures for safeguarding children and ensuring that every child reaches their full potential. 


The Little Lambs procedures are the foundations for the Little Lambs service that I provide so prospective parents / guardians can be assured that the service that I provide meets their needs and most importantly "the needs of their children".


When a new family comes to my home I provide a web base service with all my Policies and procedures so that you can look through at the parents / guardians convenience. I find that this lays the ground rules and helps parents / guardians understand the Little Lambs guidelines and practices concerning the care of their child.


Copies of the Little Lambs procedures are available upon request and are given to all parents / guardians who choose to use the Little Lambs setting.




Please find detailed below the comprehensive compilation of the Little Lambs procedures:



  • LL-PR-001 Fire Procedure.
  • LL-PR-002 Concern and Complaints Procedure.
  • LL-PR-003 Lost - Missing Child Procedure.
  • LL-PR-004 Uncollected Child Procedure.
  • LL-PR-005 In The Event of a Terrorist Attack or National Emergency Procedure.
  • LL-PR-006 Allegations of Abuse Against A Childminder Policy.



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