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Little Lambs Childminding Services
Little Lambs Childminding Services

Settling in and Routine.



As a parent myself, I know how hard it must be to leave your child with somebody other than yourself. 


It is very important that the children in my care feel safe and secure so I feel it is a MUST that the parents / guardians and I work together to make sure they do.


I will follow the parents / guardians routines and the settling in period can be for as long as it takes for you both to be happy.


I understand how difficult it is for parents / guardians to leave their children with me. I will, therefore, work with you to ensure your child is settled and that you are happy with the care and learning that I provide.


I like to organise settling in sessions for the parents / guardians and children. This gives you the opportunity to provide me with lots of information about your child, their likes and dislikes, routines, favourite activities, how to comfort them if they become upset and how they have reacted when left before.


You are more than welcome and I am happy for you to stay until you feel that your child is settled. Some children do take longer than others to settle in but most settle in quickly.


I will work with you to support your child through this transition period and make it as easy as possible. It is important that you and your child are relaxed and happy within my setting and with the care that Little Lambs provide.


Parents / guardians find it helpful to call or text me during the day to find out how their child is. I am happy to take your calls and reply to your texts, but I am sometimes not able to talk for long, or even to answer the telephone or text if I am attending to a child's personal needs, for example changing a nappy, carrying out learning activities etc.


I always explain to parents / guardians not to panic if you call or text and there is no answer as I will always reply back at a more suitable and convenient time that will not compromise or impact on the care that I provide.


Each child is of equal importance to Little Lambs and that of the services I provide. Any information you can share about your child will be of great value which will enable me to further meet your child's needs and requirements.

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