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Little Lambs Childminding Services
Little Lambs Childminding Services

Little Lambs Guidance - Guide for Parents and Guardians.



Holidays / Absence.

If I go on holiday or need to take time off for any other reason, there will be no charge for this time. I usually take 20-25 days off each year, and I will try to give you at least 4 weeks notice but in exceptional circumstances I may not be able to do so. I usually take one or two weeks off during the Easter School holiday and another two weeks off sometime during August.


If you take holidays or don’t require my services for any other reason, I will require 4 weeks  notice of this holiday/absence, in which case I will charge you the full contractual rate if your hours are fairly constant or an average of the previous four full week’s fees if your hours are irregular.



If I am unavailable to care for your child due to my own or my family’s sickness I will inform you as soon as possible and there will be no charge.


If your child does not come to me for their normal contracted hours due to either you or your child being ill on any given day, then I will charge you the full fee for that day. In the event that the child becomes sick whilst in the Little Lambs setting then please see for reference LL-PR-014 Sick Child Policy.


Leaving Early.

You are welcome to collect your child early, however you will still be charged for all the time you had booked your child to be with me. Please do not assume that I will always be in the house with your child if you want to collect them early, so I would recommend that you telephone me before arriving to collect your child early.


Arriving Early / Leaving Late.

If your child arrives fifteen minutes or more before the agreed start time, you will be charged for the additional time; this additional time will be rounded up to the next full fifteen minutes (e.g. 20 minutes early would be rounded up and charged as 30 minutes).


If you collect your child fifteen minutes or more after the agreed finish time, you will be charged for the additional time; this additional time will be rounded up to the next full fifteen minutes (e.g. 20 minutes late would be rounded up and charged as 30 minutes).


Please do not assume that I will always be in the house with your child if you need to collect them later than the agreed time (e.g. I may need to take my own children somewhere and would take your child with me). In these circumstances you would be charged for the time until I arrive back home even if you have arrived beforehand.


If you regularly arrive early and/or depart late, I will need to reassess the terms of your contract.



Daily Routine.

07.30 - 08.30 am         Early attending children will be given free play and an option to have   

                                           breakfast (breakfast must be pre-arranged and will not be charged).


07.45 - 08.30 am        Most of the children arrive, will be given free play and an option to                                                      have breakfast will be given (breakfast must be pre-arraged and is                                                    not chargable) and free play.


08.30 - 09.30 am         School and pre-school drop off and other children arriving.


09.30 - 12.00 am         Planned session of either a toddler group, music activity or a visit to                                                   the park, or an activity such as messy play, painting or arts and crafts.                                             Fruit snack (free of charge) at 10.00 am.


12.00 - 13.00 pm         Pre-school collection and lunch (if pre-arraged and is chargable at £1                                               per Lunch).


13.00 - 15.00 pm         Usually quieter free play as some of the younger children have their                                                   sleep. May have an afternoon Pre-school drop off and have a fruit                                                        snack (free of charge).


15.00 - 15.30 pm         Collect older children from school.


15.30 - 18.00 pm         Afternoon dinner (if pre-arraged and is chargable at £1 per  evening                                                   dinner). Followed by free play or a planned activity if older children                                                    wish to take part in one. Children collection time commences.


This routine is adaptable to suit individual needs e.g. if your child prefers a morning sleep. Also in the school holidays it may vary, for example, if I have school aged children all day in my care.


I will also encourage children to have some fresh air each day, whether this is to do the school run, to pop to a shop, to play outside in the garden or to go to the park.


Working Together.

I plan for us to work together to help your child settle into my care. What I require from you is information that will help your child settle so I can follow your child’s ‘normal’ routine, e.g. how they like to settle to sleep, time of snacks, words they use when potty training or signs they show before needing the toilet.


If you are not happy with my care, or for example with an older child there is something at my setting that is disturbing your child e.g. not getting on with one of the other children in my care please speak to me and then we can discuss the issue. If you don’t feel you can speak to me face to face write it down or email me. But if you don’t tell me then I can’t change something.


All the children’s learning and development is recorded on the Baby's Days application. You can view your child’s daily diary, progress tracker, observations, photographs, medical forms, accident forms and the weekly register. You will get email notifications when anything new is added to your child’s profile and if there are any forms which require your signature. You can also view all policies and permissions. You can add photographs and make any comments on your child’s diary/profile as you wish. You can also send me messages via the communication tab.7


Keeping me updated.

As I may need to contact you if your child became ill please can you keep me up-to-date with any changes in mobile numbers both for yourself and your second contact details. Also any allergies your child develops.



Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

EYFS is a Government initiative that provides a framework that I follow for children between birth and the end of the school Reception year. Your child will have a learning profile on Baby Days which will include my own observations of how your child is learning and developing, and shows next steps and how I intend to support your child’s progression.


You can view your child’s profile at any time on Baby Days and I would appreciate receiving any comments you might have on your child’s development and their time spent with me.


If you would like to know more about what EYFS involves then please let me know and I will take you through it. Please reference LL-PL-003 Care learning and Play Policy, LL-SR-011 Weekly Learning and Development Planner Form.



What to supply.

If you have a young child please provide nappies, baby wipes, any particular baby milk your child has and any jars of baby food you wish your child to have. You may wish to provide their own beaker if they are used to a certain sort or chat to me so I can get one of the same type so that it’s not left behind some days. Also, please provide a change of clothes just in case of accidents.


Please provide your child with sun cream if you want them to have a certain make. If not I have Soltan (Boots own brand) which I would apply it would be either factor 25, 30, or 40, but nothing lower. Please reference LL-PL-026 Sun Protection Policy


As I do the school run most days please ensure your child has a coat or rain mac with them and hats, scarves and suitable footwear for the winter months.


Also please don’t send your child in their best clothes as sometimes if playing outside or doing messy activities even though they wear aprons they might come home dirty.



Accidents / Incidents.

In the unlikely event that your child has an accident / Incident whilst in my care I will complete and then request that you sign the child accident report  on Baby Days or the LL-SR-019 Child Incident Record which I will give you a copy. Please see reference LL-PL-023 Child Accident and Emergency Policy



Existing Injuries.

I also keep a LL-SR-019 Child Incident Record in relation to safeguarding children. If your child arrives at my home with a bump or bruise for example I am not being nosy I just need to document it the injury on the record which I will request for you to sign it.




I can give medicines to your child whilst they are in my care but this is with prior agreement and with you providing the medicine. I will ask you to sign the LL-SR-014 Permission to Administer Medicine Form to enable me to give the child the medicine which will be documented on Baby Days record of medication administered. Please see reference LL-PL-018.



Meals can be provided with a charge of £1 per meal including desert.



Examples of Food I Provide.


Breakfast                                          Mid-Day Meal                                      Evening Meal



Cereal                                                  Sandwiches                                        Soup


Toast                                                    Cucumber Sticks                              Jackey Potato and Filling


Porridge                                             Carrot sticks                                      Sandwiches    


Fruit                                                      Vegetables                                         Potatoes         


Pancakes                                            Sweet Corn                                        Hot Dogs/ Burger


Yoghurt                                               Shepherds Pie                                   Vegetables


Scrambled / Poached Eggs       Jackey Potato and Filling           Pizza                


Special Dietary needs                  Special Dietary needs                  Special Dietary needs 


 Croissants                                         Spaghetti  Bolognese                  Yoghurts


Sugar Free Drink                            Sugar Free Drink                            Sugar Free Drink



Free Snacks are provided periodically during the day. These will consist of the following:


Carrot Sticks

Cucumber Sticks

Variety of Fruit

Crackers and Spread

Suger Free Drink




If the child requires any other foods not listed then this can be arranged with prior information from parents / guardians. All will be catered for.



Packed Lunches / Healthy Eating.

If you wish to provide a packed lunch that is fine. I have a healthy eating policy so I would like you to consider this when putting your packed lunch together. I try and offer children a healthy balanced diet and foods that they may not have tried at home. Please reference LL-PL-007 Healthy Eating and Food Policy.




  • LL-PL-001 Children Safeguarding Policy.
  • LL-PL-002 No Smoking Policy.
  • LL-PL-003 Care Learning and Play Policy.
  • LL-PL-004 Key Person Policy.
  • LL-PL-005 Pet - Dog Policy.
  • LL-PL-006 Admissions Enrolment Policy.
  • LL-PL-007 Healthy Eating and Food Policy.
  • LL-PL-008 Nappy and Toilet Training Policy.
  • LL-PL-009 Special Needs.
  • LL-PL-010 Inclusion Policy.
  • LL-PL-011 Working with Parents Guardians and Families Policy.
  • LL-PL-012 Equal Opportunities Policy.
  • LL-PL-013 Exclusion Policy.
  • LL-PL-014 Sick Child Policy.
  • LL-PL-015 Transportation of Children Policy.
  • LL-PL-016 Outings Safety Policy.
  • LL-PL-017 Hygiene Policy.
  • LL-PL-018 Medicine Policy.
  • LL-PL-019 Dropping Off and Collection Policy.
  • LL-PL-020 Confidentiality Policy.
  • LL-PL-021 Behavior Policy.
  • LL-PL-022 Bullying Policy.
  • LL-PL-023 Accident and Emergency Policy.
  • LL-PL-024 Supporting Children of Bereavement or Loss Policy.
  • LL-PL-025 Child Protection Policy.
  • LL-PL-026 Sun Protection Policy.
  • LL-PL-027 Health and Safety Policy.
  • LL-PL-028 Physical Contact Policy.
  • LL-PL-029 Operational Policy.
  • LL-PL-030 Personal Possessions.
  • LL-PL-031 Trampoline Policy.
  • LL-PL-032 Settling in Policy.
  • LL-PL-033 Transition Policy.
  • LL-PL-034 Sleeping Baby Policy.
  • LL-PL-035 Visitors in the Setting Policy
  • LL-PL-036 Water Play Policy.
  • LL-PL-037 Television Policy.
  • LL-PL-038 Head Lice Policy.
  • LL-PL-039 Drugs and Alcohol Policy.
  • LL-PL-040 Severe Weather Policy.
  • LL-PL-041 Biting Policy.
  • LL-PL-042 Garden Equipment Policy.
  • LL-PL-043 Handing Over Responsibility Policy.
  • LL-PL-044 Language Policy.
  • LL-PL-045 Late Payment Of Fees Policy.
  • LL-PL-046 Other Adults In The Setting Policy.
  • LL-PL-047 Paddling Pool Policy.
  • LL-PL-048 Prevent Duty Guidance and Promoting British Values Policy.
  • LL-PL-049 Safety And Risk Assessment Policy.
  • LL-PL-050 Unexpected Closure Policy.
  • LL-PL-051 Safe Recruitment Policy.
  • LL-PL-052 Asthma Policy.
  • LL-PL-053 Sand Pit Policy.
  • LL-PL-054 Skipping Rope Policy.
  • LL-PL-055 Environment and Sustainability Policy.
  • LL-PL-056 Emergency Lock Down Policy.
  • LL-PL-057 Confidentiality and Privacy Policy.
  • LL-PL-058 Retention Policy.
  • LL-PL-059 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy.



  • LL-PR-001 Fire Procedure.
  • LL-PR-002 Concern and Complaints Procedure.
  • LL-PR-003 Lost - Missing Child Procedure.
  • LL-PR-004 Uncollected Child Procedure.
  • LL-PR-005 In The Event of a Terrorist Attack or National Emergency Procedure.
  • LL-PR-006 Allegations of Abuse Against A Childminder Policy.


Ofsted requires me to provide you with a copy of my current Concern and Complaints procedure LL-PR-002 and my Safeguarding Children Policy LL-PL-001, and I will ensure that you have up to date copies of these and any other policies which relate to your individual child. If you wish to have a copy of any of my policies these are available to view on Baby Days at any time.



Permissions Forms.

I have a number of Permissions Forms that may be relevant to your child. These will be provided to you, along with any relevant policy, and I would ask that you complete and return these forms to me as soon as possible. You will also be required to view and sign these forms on Baby Days.


 If you have not returned a form, or if you choose not to give permissions, your child will not be able to participate in certain activities along with other children. For example, if I do not have a completed LL-SR-009 Parental Permission Form for your child, I would not be able to take them in the car to a park or toddler group. This may also result in other children having to miss out of opportunities which Is why I would ask that you return your forms as quickly as possible.


If you have any questions or concerns about any Permissions Forms then please discuss these with me.




The following activities are examples of what I make available to children, taking into account their age, physical ability, weather conditions, etc:


                                          Indoor:                                                            Outdoor:


                                          Toys.                                                                 Sandpit.

                                          Games.                                                            Paddling pool.

                                          Art & Crafts.                                                   Bikes.

                                         Books.                                                              Garden Sports.

                                         Puzzles.                                                            Water play.

                                         Computer.                                                       Playhouse.

                                         Cooking.                                                          Craft Cabin.

                                         Dress - Up.                                                      Interactive Play.

                                         Interactive Play.                                           Ride On Toys.



Routine Outings.

  • Wath Upon Dearne Library.
  • Abbeydale Park.                                     
  • Wath Upon Dearne Park.
  • Clifton Park.
  • Millhouses Park.
  • Pirates Cove Play Centre.
  • Manvers Country Park.
  • Play Valley.
  • Moo Music.
  • Heeley Farm Animal Centre.
  • Graves Park and Animal Farm.
  • Pets at Home – Corton Wood.
  • Shopping Centre.
  • Funny Farm.
  • Wigfield Farm.
  • Rother Valley Country.


These are examples of my regular outings; however, there may be occasions when I would want to go further afield, in which case I would advise you accordingly.



Termination Of Contract.

You can terminate your contract with me by giving me at least four weeks’ notice in writing; the date I receive your written notice is the date that the four week notice period will commence even if you have previously given me verbal notice.


I will be happy to continue to look after your child throughout the period of notice and will support your child in making a smooth transition to different childcare provider and/or school; however, if you choose not to continue to send your child to me for any reason during a period of notice, you will still be charged the full fee that would have been payable had they attended.


I also have the right to terminate your contract if appropriate, in which case I would normally give you at least four weeks’ notice in writing which would commence on the date that I give you written notice.


In exceptional circumstances we may agree to a notice period of less than four weeks, however, this would need to be by mutual consent and without an agreement the four week notice period would still apply.




I am happy to receive payments weekly or monthly by prior agreement. Payments can be made in cash, by cheque, by childcare voucher or online straight into my bank account. If you want to pay online please let me now and I will give you my bank details.


Depending on the frequency of your payment I can provide you with an invoice detailing the fees payable for that week or month. Please let me know if you do not wish to receive an invoice and would rather be told verbally how much you owe. I can provide a receipt for any payments made.


I would appreciate receiving your payment as soon as possible after it is due, and in any case payment should be made within fourteen days from the end of the week or month that the payment relates to.


If you experience difficulty with paying your fees at any time then please let me know as soon as possible; I would rather know that you had a problem with payments so that we can agree on a solution.






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