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Little Lambs Childminding Services
Little Lambs Childminding Services

Little Lambs Policies.

At Little Lambs, my primary concern is the welfare of your child. Therefore I have a high standard of policies in place, all of which comply with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and  aligns to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


This sets the standards for the learning, development and care of young children.

My policies include Safety, Behaviour, British Values, Health and Wellbeing, Safeguarding, Equal Opportunities, Special Educational Needs, Accidents, Visits and Outings, etc.


The Early Years Foundation Stage welfare requirements state that providers of childcare for children aged 0-5 in England should have clear policies for safeguarding children and ensuring that every child reaches their full potential. 


Policies are the foundations for the Little Lambs service that I provide so prospective parents / guardians can be assured that the service I provide meets their needs and most importantly "the needs of their children".


When a new family comes to my home I provide an electronic base service with all my policies and procedures so that you can look through. I find that this lays the ground rules and helps parents / guardians understand the Little Lambs guidelines and practices concerning the care of their child.


Copies of the Little Lambs policies are available upon request and are given to all parents / guardians who choose to use the Little Lambs setting.




Please find detailed below the comprehensive compilation of the Little Lambs policies:



  • LL-PL-001 Children Safeguarding Policy.
  • LL-PL-002 No Smoking Policy.
  • LL-PL-003 Care Learning and Play Policy.
  • LL-PL-004 Key Person Policy.
  • LL-PL-005 Pet - Dog Policy.
  • LL-PL-006 Admissions Enrolment Policy.
  • LL-PL-007 Healthy Eating and Food Policy.
  • LL-PL-008 Nappy and Toilet Training Policy.
  • LL-PL-009 Special Needs Policy.
  • LL-PL-010 Inclusion Policy.
  • LL-PL-011 Working with Parents Guardians and Families Policy.
  • LL-PL-012 Equal Opportunities Policy.
  • LL-PL-013 Exclusion Policy.
  • LL-PL-014 Sick Child Policy.
  • LL-PL-015 Transportation of Children Policy.
  • LL-PL-016 Outings Safety Policy.
  • LL-PL-017 Hygiene Policy.
  • LL-PL-018 Medicine Policy.
  • LL-PL-019 Dropping Off and Collection Policy.
  • LL-PL-020 Confidentiality Policy.
  • LL-PL-021 Behavior Policy.
  • LL-PL-022 Bullying Policy.
  • LL-PL-023 Accident and Emergency Policy.
  • LL-PL-024 Supporting Children of Bereavement or Loss Policy.
  • LL-PL-025 Child Protection Policy.
  • LL-PL-026 Sun Protection Policy.
  • LL-PL-027 Health and Safety Policy.
  • LL-PL-028 Physical Contact Policy.
  • LL-PL-029 Operational Policy.
  • LL-PL-030 Personal Possessions policy.
  • LL-PL-031 Trampoline Policy.
  • LL-PL-032 Settling in Policy.
  • LL-PL-033 Transition Policy.
  • LL-PL-034 Sleeping Baby Policy.
  • LL-PL-035 Visitors in the Setting Policy
  • LL-PL-036 Water Play Policy.
  • LL-PL-037 Television Policy.
  • LL-PL-038 Head Lice Policy.
  • LL-PL-039 Drugs and Alcohol Policy.
  • LL-PL-040 Severe Weather Policy.
  • LL-PL-041 Biting Policy.
  • LL-PL-042 Garden Equipment Policy.
  • LL-PL-043 Handing Over Responsibility Policy.
  • LL-PL-044 Language Policy.
  • LL-PL-045 Late Payment Of Fees Policy.
  • LL-PL-046 Other Adults In The Setting Policy.
  • LL-PL-047 Paddling Pool Policy.
  • LL-PL-048 Prevent Duty Guidance and Promoting British Values Policy.
  • LL-PL-049 Safety And Risk Assessment Policy.
  • LL-PL-050 Unexpected Closure Policy.
  • LL-PL-051 Safe Recruitment Policy.
  • LL-PL-052 Asthma Policy.
  • LL-PL-053 Sand Pit Policy.
  • LL-PL-054 Skipping Rope Policy.
  • LL-PL-055 Environment and Sustainability policy.
  • LL-PL-056 Emergency Lock Down Policy and Procedure.
  • LL-PL-057 Confidentiality and Privacy Policy.
  • LL-PL-058 Retention Policy.
  • LL-PL-059 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).



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