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Little Lambs Childminding Services
Little Lambs Childminding Services




Moving on to School.





We strive throughout the childrens time at Little Lambs to help their growing independence and self confidence from the smallest thing like putting their shoes on themselves, but also endeavouring to give them the social skills to make friends and deal with new situations that can arise in every day life.






When our children are getting ready to move on to school then we aim to make the transition as smooth and worry free as possible.









From a young age they will become familiar with the schools as they come with us on school runs daily to drop off and collect siblings and friends. We also have frequent visits to the various schools that the children will attend.








We also get them ready for doing certain tasks they may be expected to do for themselves, for example we help them getting changed into and out of their clothes (for PE), we help them to try and get their lunches out by themsleves.









In the first term we recognise it is exhausting for the new children so we try to ensure they have a relaxing afternoon and plenty of opportunities to chill and relax. We talk about their day at school and what they have done. We also help the children with their sounds homework as they are too tired by the time they get collected and they enjoy doing their homework with their friends.







All the different schools have different settling in processes - some do short days and extend when the children are ready for a full day with gradual later pick-ups and we aim to accommodate all of the pick-ups in the first term to help make things easier on everyone.








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